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Reviving a Declining Software Solutions Provider: A Tale of Lead Generation. Identifying the Problem, Implementing Solutions, and Achieving Remarkable Results.

The Problem

When a software solutions provider came to us with a plea for leads, we knew something had to be done. With no sales in the past three months, the company was doing something very wrong. A year ago, their business was thriving – so what happened that caused them to plummet to rock bottom?

We had to find out and we had to fix it.

How We Fixed It

After a few detailed calls with the client, we recognized the issue. A few months ago, the company started working on an expansion policy, and started focusing more on larger firms as clients. This was the point where we identified things started going downhill.

And we decided to put that theory to the test with A/B testing for Facebook ads.

The Results

The Results

We designed a Facebook ad campaign that told other companies what the software solutions could do for their brand. We then targeted it toward two different audiences to test which would respond better: small- to medium-sized companies and larger firms. We were right – the better response came from the smaller firm.

In just two days, a campaign focused on the smaller clients brought in:

- 31 leads

- A minimal cost of $2.45 per lead

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Turning Low Sales into High Engagement, From Misunderstood to Marketable: How Personalized Messaging Transformed a SaaS Brand's Fortunes.

The Problem

A brand in the software as a service (SaaS) niche was concerned that their target audience, which was primarily homeowners in their early thirties to late forties, didn’t understand their product correctly. With low awareness came even lower sales, until it became difficult for the company to break even, let alone make a profit.

Desperate for a change, they came to us.

How We Fixed It

One way to teach people about the brand’s products was by using explainer videos that were short, interesting, and easy to understand. And we launched a Facebook ad campaign around that. But we wanted the brand to connect with its potential consumers on a one-to-one level.

So next, we designed a campaign that encouraged the same individuals to reach out through a personal message.

The Results

The strategy to get people to reach out with questions and concerns worked. In less than 15 days, we had nearly 500 people start a conversation with a sales representative of the company. In particular, the brand saw:

- 453 people send a message

- A cost of $1.17 per messaging conversation started

The company’s highly professional sales team was able to convert a large fraction of these potential consumers into happy customers, leading to more awareness AND a higher revenue.

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Achieving $1,000 Daily Sales: A Two-Month Success Journey with Our SaaS Client.

A brand came to us when it was achieving just $250 dollars a day in sales back in October 2022. It wanted higher sales and a revenue that was consistently on an upward trajectory.

With our professionals taking charge of helping the business grow, the SaaS platform’s estimated earnings went up to as high as $1,000 a day in just two months – 4 times the sales two months prior! The upward growth trend didn’t stop there – the brand continued to make higher sales every single day, assuring the brand of promising future returns.

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The Challenge of Converting Free Users: How We Persuaded Consumers to Choose a Paid Antivirus Solution.

The Problem

A company came to us with a challenging ask: they wanted their potential consumers to move away from a free antivirus software solution and choose their paid one. Tackling the problem with logic wasn’t the answer. Everyone knows that an anti-virus you pay for is better than an antivirus that you can use for free. But how do you convince them to spend the money? This was the problem the company wanted us to solve. And we rose to the occasion.

How We Fixed It

When our teams put their heads together, they found a middle ground. People don’t like spending money, but they do like discounts. And that is exactly what we offered them in a Facebook ad campaign that found the perfect audience through A/B testing. We offered discounts approved by the client on a year-long subscription of the product, ensuring a higher sales income than the brand could ever have imagined.

The Results

Within two months, the company’s sales from the campaign skyrocketed, with more and more people visiting the site every day and going as far adding the product to their cart.

Just two months into the campaign, the brand was seeing results like this in a single day:

- Sales of $14,507

- An average order value of $92.40

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